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Ron Eig

This page is In Memory of Ron Eig

Specializations: Coaching and Neurolinguistic Programming for achieving excellence in creating balance, business building, decreased stress, improved health, whole and healthy families, work and relationship satisfaction, financial security.

Licensing: Certified Performance Coach through Resource Realizations, CA; Certified Neurolinguistic Programmer through NFNLP in Sarasota, FL; FL Licensed Physical Therapist

My name is Ron Eig and I work with individuals and families that find either their lives are out of control or they are stuck in a rut and want much more out of life. People start coaching because they want something different and don't know what. In our partnership, you are empowered to maximize your personal, relationship, and business potential.

As a coach, I am a neutral listener and can discern critical knowledge about you that you may be unaware. I stress the concept of "choice" and expanding possibilities. I will hold you accountable for your choices and promises. It is important to me that you achieve the goals you set. There is power that is released with each accomplishment which can lead to the next desired result.

Neurolinguistic Programming is the science and study of human performance and excellence. It is the basis of much of coaching, counseling, and all forms of communication. There are numerous techniques that assist in changing the impact of the past while enhancing present and future behavior.

What is getting in the way of "having the life you love"? Now is the time to remove the roadblocks and begin the journey! Visit Coaching Life's Journey today!

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