Spokeguard Art - Deltona, FL

Lisa Williams Miljevic

Specialties: Decorative, expressive, custom art for wheelchair spokeguards

Deltona, Florida

(877) ROLL-ART



Over ten years ago, Lisa Miljevic got the idea to paint the spokeguards on her wheelchair with something special. Being a stylish, colorful person it made sense to ask some artist friends to create these works of art for her. She liked the effect so much, and got so many compliments, that she knew she was onto something. And Spokeguard Art was born.

Spokeguard Art has many styles available in its online store, or contact Lisa for custom orders. The ideas are endless - teams, clubs, and groups have utilized the Spokeguard Art concept in amazing ways. Children enjoy having something special on their wheelchair as well. Don't limit yourself - express yourself!

Learn more about Lisa and Spokeguard Art, and visit the Facebook page while you are at it.

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